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First Looks

Why is a first look suggested? Why is it important and meaningful to certain couples? Let’s get into it! First looks are becoming the new normal for most couples. Traditionally, the groom did not see the bride until she was walking down the aisle, and some couples still really love this concept. To be honest, so do I, but as a planner attempting to help you get the most out of your day I do usually advise a first look. Doing a first look allows more “event time” for our couples. This means, rather than taking photos during your entire cocktail hour and part of your reception you’re taking them before the ceremony begins leaving you more time with your guests. Aside from more event time, you also get time alone with your spouse which is hard to come by on wedding days. It gives you both a moment to look at one another, say hi before all the commotion starts and to take the majority of your photos at your most “fresh”. You can have a chance to get out some jitters before the ceremony and feel relaxed and ready to face all your guests. Another great pro for a first look is for all our winter couples that are working with a much earlier sunset time. Once the sun is gone that’s when most photo ops go away so planning a first look and most other photos early in the day is advised. All in all we want you to do what you prefer, but as planners we like to make suggestions that will serve you best. 

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