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Professional Glam

I’ve said it so many times, but I will say it again. Professional glam (hair and makeup services) is 100% worth it! The most photographed thing at your wedding will be you and your gorgeous faces. Investing in professionals to help you achieve your perfect look is key. When searching for glam vendors be sure to look at their most recent work and try to inspect the photos that have people with your skin tone and hair color, or at least close to it. At times I find brides saving hair and makeup inspiration of models that look nothing like them. For example, if I’m trying to build a look I wouldn’t find inspiration from a caucasian female with blonde hair or someone with highlights. Since I have olive color skin and brunette hair I would look for women with similar features as me then narrow my search from there. When looking at the investment with professional hair and makeup artists it can seem hard to justify at times, but I promise if you find the right artist it is something you won’t regret! 

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