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When searching for a photographer it’s best to first find those within budget or at least close. Photography is one of the few vendor areas that I support over spending. The images and possibly video if videography is something you want to invest in, are the only things you will have after the day is done. It would be a shame to invest so much for photos you’re not in love with. Once you find some photographers that are within budget you then should look at their editing style. Each photographer will have a certain style and it’s not something they will change for your event. Like any artist, you’re paying for their work, not a different version. If you don’t like their style (perspective, colors, film, etc.) then move on. After booking your ideal photographer be sure to add an engagement session. This is a great way to get to know your photographer and confirm the chemistry is right. You want to be sure you’re comfortable since you will be spending basically your entire wedding day with them. Lastly, if the budget allows, invest in a second shooter. Someone to assist and shoot alongside your main photographer the day of the wedding. This will ensure a smooth timeline and usually eliminates the need to add additional hours. We go over much more concerning photography with our clients, but this gives you a great place to start!

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I’ve said it so many times, but I will say it again. Professional glam (hair and makeup services) is 100% worth it! The most photographed thing at your wedding will be you and your gorgeous faces. Investing in professionals to help you achieve your perfect look is key. When searching for glam vendors be sure to look at their most recent work and try to inspect the photos that have people with your skin tone and hair color, or at least close to it. At times I find brides saving hair and makeup inspiration of models that look nothing like them. For example, if I’m trying to build a look I wouldn’t find inspiration from a caucasian female with blonde hair or someone with highlights. Since I have olive color skin and brunette hair I would look for women with similar features as me then narrow my search from there. When looking at the investment with professional hair and makeup artists it can seem hard to justify at times, but I promise if you find the right artist it is something you won’t regret! 

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Setting a wedding budget can be a daunting task. Figuring out how much is enough and reasonable can seem impossible, especially if you’ve never planned a wedding before. Speaking to a planner and having a budget meeting before booking anything is the best way to get the most out of your budget. They will be there to hear your priorities and give you a realistic view of pricing based on your guest count and desired area for a venue. Overspending can happen quickly and easily. It’s good to factor in vendor pricing for fixed prices and guest variable prices. Adding a guest table is much more costly than most think and eliminating one may not save as much as you hoped it would. It’s because of all these factors and more that speaking with a well seasoned wedding planner is advised when setting a wedding budget. Why go through it alone?!

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Why is a first look suggested? Why is it important and meaningful to certain couples? Let’s get into it! First looks are becoming the new normal for most couples. Traditionally, the groom did not see the bride until she was walking down the aisle, and some couples still really love this concept. To be honest, so do I, but as a planner attempting to help you get the most out of your day I do usually advise a first look. Doing a first look allows more “event time” for our couples. This means, rather than taking photos during your entire cocktail hour and part of your reception you’re taking them before the ceremony begins leaving you more time with your guests. Aside from more event time, you also get time alone with your spouse which is hard to come by on wedding days. It gives you both a moment to look at one another, say hi before all the commotion starts and to take the majority of your photos at your most “fresh”. You can have a chance to get out some jitters before the ceremony and feel relaxed and ready to face all your guests. Another great pro for a first look is for all our winter couples that are working with a much earlier sunset time. Once the sun is gone that’s when most photo ops go away so planning a first look and most other photos early in the day is advised. All in all we want you to do what you prefer, but as planners we like to make suggestions that will serve you best. 

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